Depending on the maturity of your idea or company, we can establish a Phase 0, 1 or 2 working relationship.
What is a Phase 0?
Working within a traditional Design Thinking methodology, I'll work to understand and empathize with your intended user base and together define the real problem that you want to solve. Through several rounds of ideation, prototyping and testing we’ll land on a validated set of features that you can feel confident building and bringing to market.
What you'll get.
You, as the partner, will walk away with a validated hi-fidelity prototype and initial product design to begin the next stage of product development.
Basic Branding Consultation
Product/Behavior Design of Key Features
Basic Content Strategy and Messaging
Product and Roadmap Strategy
Facilitation of User Testing
Development Consulting
* Final scope of work is unique per project
Phase 1, explained.
There’s two distinct ways we can collaborate during a Phase 1.

1—I take your initial prototype and finesse the details of the product design, solve for every edge case, establish a design language system, polish the intended behavior design.

Additionally, I will deliver final design files and behavior design prototypes to your development team or one of my development partners to build.

2—I work along side your existing development team and within your current process (SCRUM, Agile et.) to design the experience according to a defined roadmap.
Complete Product Design
Key Behavior Prototypes
Design Language System
Pitch Deck Strategy and Design
Final Design Files
* Final scope of work is unique per project
A Phase 2 makes sense if...
…you have a small team (possibly within a larger corporation) and want to double-down on the success of an existing product by vetting new features and/or extending your current product offering. Similar to a Phase 0, I can work independently or alongside your team through several rounds of ideation, prototyping and testing of possible avenues and enhancements to your product. Additionally, we can establish an on-site consulting relationship.
Up to 35 hours a week on-site or off-site
Senior-level product design experience
Chill, normal guy who can fit in with any team
* Exact terms of relationship would be negotiated